Magdalena Kaczmarczyk

I am a polish artists currently based in Belgium. I studied at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

I graduated from photography department in 2012.

Mostly I take photographs which are post-processed in graphic softwares.

What let me still live is art, my works are me. I create my own world of forms, colours. I create so I still live.

I am educated artist but it does not matter, you can't be taught eveything.

There are so many disccusion what the art  looks like? What is it ? When it is? I don't care what they say, write. I don't want to spend my life to do research about art and artists. My art enables me to express myself, to free myself from the pain from the longing,

Of course there are thousands questions without answers and Art does not give answers but i want to keep it simple. Art=feeling i don't want my art to be described but be feeled.

Andy Warhol said

Don't think about making art, just get it done.let everyone else decide if it's good or bad whether they love it or hate it.While they are deciding , make even more art.

untitled no.448 (re-processed)

14 DAYS OFF no.1

MAY no.135


late at night No. 249

collection 12 days no.146.jpg

No.141 from I can't fall asleep collection

I like blue no.685

THEsky #75

THE sky #70

No.80 from summertime collection

No.60 just before going to sleep

No.1 from summer collection

No.34 from The last days of May collection

No.43 from feeling blue collection

from the UNTITLED collection, no.47

No.36 from summertime collection

from the UNTITLED collection, no.40

from the sundays collection, #5

No.7 from feeling blue collection

No.3 from I can't fall asleep collection

late at night No. 1

THE sky #6

No.4 from 9 am-17 pm collection