A view like ours

expo | Langemark-Poelkapelle | 15 januari tot 31 maart 2018
Kunstenaar Matthew Frock, afkomstig van Philadelphia, USA woont sinds september 2016 in Madonna, Belgiƫ. Hij stelt zijn werk tentoon in het gemeentehuis in Langemark-Poelkapelle. Zijn werk bevat onder andere kleurrijke abstracte landschappen.

Size: 100 H x 100 W x 0.1 cm

This is the final version of a landscape in Madonna. I had created several studies of this same image in acrylic and watercolor before moving on to this large, finished oil painting. The landscape shows a farm as seen from a friends house while the clouds were particularly beautiful and large. I had taken a photo of the scene and have been working from that. This painting and it's predecessors show my development of a Belgian color palette. The colors in Belgium are unique and somehow pastel - I suppose from the moisture in the air and because the flat terrain allows you to see for great distances. The paint in this picture is thick, but not sculptural. The image aesthetic is centered on color, balance and their interaction within the landscape framework.