Do you have a business question about selling your work, insurance or funding? Once a month, on 2 March and 6 April, we will answer your questions during an personal online conversation.

You create artwork and would also like to exhibit or sell that work. But you can't see the wood for the trees. Because when do you need a VAT number? And how do you go about selling a work? Do you need to make an agreement to exhibit? And can you apply for subsidies?
On this page you will find many answers to such questions. But didn't you find the information you were looking for? Then we will help you during an online, individual conversation on two Thursday evenings on 2 March and 6 April. Mail us your question. We will let you know as soon as possible if and when we can answer your question.

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  • Free online conversation about a business question
  • Thursday 2 March & Thursday 6 April
  • Limited number of participants: max. 8 calls per evening
  • Between 19h and 21h (about 10 min/conversation). You will receive an exact time in advance.
  • For similar questions, we sometimes bundle questions (from max 3 people) in one time slot.