Gloria Romberg

The way of the artist Gloria Romberg lead her via Berlin to Ostend. This place, working place for artists like James Ensor and Leon Spilliaert and an eternal source of inspiration, became and  is the place of her choice.
The magical light of Ostend, the scent of the sea, the unique atmosphere of this unique city and the art of Gloria Romberg are a very strong symbiosis.
The architecture of the modern cities and how this could look like in near future is a main theme in her works.
Not only the architecture, even the universe, the environment and ecology are elementary themes for her paintings and art objects.
Painters like Hundertwasser, Immendorff and Magritte and designers as Colani are examples of artists with a free spirit. And precisely this is the aspect of the art and works  of Gloria Romberg:. She has a real free spirit.
The beautiful strong paintings with lucent colours, the creativity coming from her explosive strength in her paintings are essential ingredients  in her unique work, even as her painted interior art objects and installations, also outdoor, so being in direct contact with nature. She calls this "inclusive art".  This will appeal to people, provoking reactions, making them  thoughtful. Exactly that is the intention and purpose of Gloria Romberg and her impressive paintings, which, although not commercial and mainstream works,,but exclusive, are so appreciated by the public and collectors. Especially the, by herself developed, own GREVOLUTION style of working. As contemporary art has got a purpose, so has her work. "Let us change this world for good ", she explains."There are coming generations to live here. We are not alone."  

Here, right at the sea shore,  she lives with her female partner and muse, the cartoonist StellaR. An end of her art can not be seen. This city of Oostend is a constantly bubbling source of inspiration for her art and her free spirit. Or as she says: "From head to art "

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25 fine artists welcome you

expo | Gent | van 23 tot 24 november 2019
Artist GLORIA ROMBERG takes part for the second time at the international art event KEG KUNST-EXPERIMENTEN-GENT | ART-EXPERIMENTS-GHENT in Ghent, Belgium with her GREVOLUTION works, which are paintings, installations and interior objects. 25 international selected fine artists expose their works at KEG.

door Gloria Romberg


expo | Lissewege | 5 juli tot 22 september 2019
This "Beeldenroute Lissewege 2019" is a special one, as it is the 25th in a row. And this moved Gloria Romberg to design a special installation for it. More information on:

door Gloria Romberg


expo | Gent | 20 oktober 2018
Artist GLORIA ROMBERG takes part at the art event KEG KUNST-EXPERIMENTEN-GENT | ART-EXPERIMENTEN-GHENT in Ghent, Belgium with her works, which are paintings, installations and interior objects.

door Gloria Romberg

Gloria Romberg "Message In A Bottle"

op "Beeldenroute Lissewege 2018"

expo | Lissewege | 6 juli tot 23 september 2018
De installatie van plastiek is gericht op het thema ecologie en onze nonchalante achteloosheid in de omgang met plastiek en microplastiek, een heel actueel thema. "Plastiek heeft in de natuur 450 jaren nodig voor de verrotting en afbouw. Zolang zal het plastiek de natuur pijn doen", benadrukt Gloria Romberg.

door Gloria Romberg


expo | Oostende | van 20 tot 22 oktober 2017
Gloria Romberg exposeert in een speciale 3-dagse tentoonstelling "Orange + Tree Grevolution" een selectie van haar werken. De schilderijen van haar "Golden Orange Collection en haar "ArTTrees", speciale geschilderte "kunstbomen".

door Gloria Romberg

Gloria Romberg - Project "GREVOLUTION FOREST"

op Beeldenroute Lissewege (Brugge)

expo | Lissewege (Brugge) | 7 juli tot 24 september 2017
Gloria Romberg´s nieuw project is "GREVOLUTION Forest", een bosje bestaand uit “ArTTrees ®”. Een "bos", die kunst presenteert. Zorgvuldig afgewerkt, met een diepe kennis van de materie, scherpe “skill” en eenhardnekkige virtuositeit. Op een manier die verbazing wekt, bewondering oproept, intrigeert en triggert voor het uitzonderlijke.

door Gloria Romberg

Kunstveiling vzw WanderART

kunstveiling voor het goede doel

expo | Oostende | 1 april 2017
Een 50 tal beeldende kunstenaars, (keramiek,schilders,...) daaronder ook ik, hebben hun werken geschonken voor deze veiling voor het goede doel. De kunstenaars kregen ervoor geen centen, de hele opbrengst gaat naar het goede doel. Lees verder in de gedetailerde omschrijving .

door Gloria Romberg


Pop-Up-Atelier and Exposition

expo | Oostende | van 14 tot 16 oktober 2016
De beeldende kunstenares Gloria Romberg exposeert haar schilderijen in het zelfs ontwikkeld GREVOLUTION systeem. In een "Pop-Up-Atelier" schildert zij tijdens deze event ook. Schilderijen op doek worden getoond, ook de bekende "ArTTons", geschilderte olievatten. Deze zijn al getoond op de gerenommerde "Beeldenroute Lissewege". De vernissage word gehouden op vrijdag,14 october 2016 om 17 uur.

door Gloria Romberg

Art-Square presents: Philippe Van Gele Rik Bracke Gloria Romberg

expo | Gent | 31 juli tot 5 augustus 2016
Exposition with paintings of the fine artists Philip Van Gele, Rik Bracke en Gloria Romberg. The vernissage is held on July 31, during 15-18 h CET. Open every day from 14-18 h CET . On saturday, August 06, only opened for clients with special appointment. Please contact the gallery owner therefore.

door Gloria Romberg

Beeldenroute Lissewege - Sculptures Route Lissewege (BE)

expo | Lissewege (Brugge) | 8 juli 2016
118 participating artists of the fine and sculturing arts expose their artworks in the open air, in the fascinating nature of Lissewege, the "white village", during one of the most marvellous and famous sculpture routes. Location is the garden of the "Oude Pastorie" facing the church; Dates: July 8, 2016 till September 25, 2016 during the whole days.

door Gloria Romberg


The Windows Project

expo | Brugge - Lissewege | van 16 tot 30 april 2016
BRUGGE - Lissewege (BE) Art Gallery FOTOON Walram-Romboudtstraat 5 .This exhibition is a "Windows Project". The works are not exhibited inside the artgallery itself, but in the front windows.The artgallery is closed during the exhibition period.Click on the poster and read Web:

door Gloria Romberg

DOUBLE FEATURE Gloria Romberg - The Small Ones + StellaR - The Lovely Hearties

expo | Oostende | 18 juli tot 20 oktober 2015
Moderne abstracte schilderijen van de door haar "GREVOLUTION" werken gekende kunstenares Gloria Romberg en de "The Lovely Hearties" cartoons met de vrolijke Hearties figuren van de vrouwelijke cartooniste StellaR worden geëxposeerd in een mooie intieme sfeer.

door Gloria Romberg

Cabin Art 2015

Art on beach cabins

expo | Sint-Idesbald | 24 mei tot 15 september 2015
The Gloria Romberg work with the title "Wish Balloons" is painted directly on the Beach Cabin. At this art event, 35 artist are selected to decorate beach cabins with their works.

door Gloria Romberg


expo | Oostende | 17 januari tot 26 april 2015
BECAUSE OF THE BIG SUCCESS THIS EXHIBITION IS PROLONGED UNTIL NOT APRIL 19 BUT NOW UNTIL APRIL 26 2015. Vernissage on january 24 at 10:30 AM CET Speech being held by Patrick Pottier. GREVOLUTION is new! GREVOLUTION is different! Talk about the GREVOLUTION!

door Gloria Romberg

Art Barrel

36 artists 60 oilbarrels

expo | Middelkerke | van 15 tot 22 november 2014
36 artists including Oostend artist Gloria Romberg, presenting 3 works, show in totally 60 painted oil barrels in an exciting exposition and auction for a good purpose: a better managent of our all Mother Nature. There is also an auction of all exposed works on november 23,2014 at 3 PM CET. A catalogue is avalaible at the location. The event is organized by Kunstcollectief Banaan

door Gloria Romberg

Wish Ballonns (WanderArt 2017)

ArtUp 3

ArtUp 2

ArtUp 1

Wish Ballons (Cabin Art 2015)

Architecture The City Moloch Revisited (BIFFF 2016)

GREVOLUTION FOREST (Beeldenroute Lissewege 2017)

TekTon Two (Beeldenroute Lissewege 2016)

TekTon Blue (Beeldenroute Lissewege 2016)

There Shall Be Green (Art Barrel 2014)

Steppin' Out 5Art Barrel 2014)

Cash Flow (Art Barrel 2014)

Honeypot Coast


GR 1











GG 3

GB 3

GB 2

GB 1


BG 02

BG 01

The Jellyfish Appartments

Satellite Town



Big Phoenix

Little Phoenix

Venus Style

Modern House Model 5

Ghosts Of The City


And So It Grows

Epsilon 9

Hightower I

What's Up

Watching Us

Poissons Aux Maisons

Listen To The Moons

I Am Your Laptop

Big Fish


Sun and Supernova

Near By Us


Too Hot To Handle


The House That jack Built

Catch The Wind I

In Full Flight

Love And Peace


Earth II

The Healer

Sea Stones Sand

Green Order


Landing On Mars

At The Yellow Lake

They Are Coming

Count On Us

Uprise Of The Fishes