Gert Scheerlinck

Lives and works in Oosterzele | Belgium

Gert Scheerlinck is a conceptual artist who lives and works in Oosterzele, Belgium. He studies the poetics of everyday life. Using installations, sculptures and assemblies he reconstructs memories and events. Scheerlinck presents found objects and arrangements that approach conceptual ambiguity, allowing for open interpretation while offering intensely minimalist aesthetics reminiscent of Arte Povera.

Scheerlinck complicates his arrangements by entering a world of intense yet blasé anecdotes commenting on the fabric of society. He revitalizes discarded materials to catch his viewers in a web of imprecise or displaced signifiers and develops tension in a reconstructed, banal conversation. He challenges the viewer to engage in the dialogue between matter and everyday life and invites them to think about the trajectory of these materials.       


Exhibitions (selection)


  • INNER CIRLCE (duo) - Site 25
  • OBJECTS OF DISGUISE (solo) - Twelve Twelve Gallery (NL)
  • FRAGMENTS (solo) - Guest Room, Carrboro (USA)
  • [re]PUBLIEK - Biennale Kunst & Zwalm, Zwalm
  • WE OTHER - Biennale Non Objective Art, Grenoble (FR)


  • TELL ME, WHAT DO YOU THINK, Twelve Twelve Gallery, Den Haag (NL)
  • STATIONSSTRAAT, Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerpen
  • ART AT HOME - Roomin' Art Festival, Gent
  • ARTIST TALK - Pedrami Gallery, Antwerpen
  • REMINISZENZ (duo) - Galerie Martin Van Blerk, Antwerpen
  • MORE CANVAS PLEASE - Sofie Van de Velde Gallery, Antwerpen
  • SALON DU PRINTEMPS - ZERP Gallery, Rotterdam (NL)
  • RUST BELT - WATT, Gent 


  • KUNSTLICHT - Hofke Van Chantraine, Oud-Turnhout  
  • BOZAR DE L'ABATTOIR - Michiels Foundation, Sambreville 
  • WAGENSCHOT, Francis Maere Gallery, Gent  
  • FIRST - Bowling Fine Arts, Brussel (curator: Sven Vanderstichelen)
  • MONSTERS - Oude Beurs, Antwerpen
  • BOZAR DE L'ABATTOIR - Amara, Bergen (NL) 
  • BAZAAR - Loods12, Wetteren   
  • KUNST VOOR NEPAL - Vooruit, Gent
  • CURIO.SEA.TY - Patrick Studios, Leeds (UK)  
  • TUMULT - Campo Victoria, Gent


  • FROM SEA TO YOU - Poca Gallery, Bizkaia (ES)  
  • KARFOUR - Jan Colle Galerie, Gent  
  • THESE THINGS (solo) - De Gaanderij, Aalst  
  • UTOPIA - Flux Factory, Long Island City, NY (USA)  
  • SKETCH-UP - Closed Art Gallery, Antwerpen  
  • ATELIER C - Museum M, Leuven 
  • OFF THE WALL - Terrace Gallery, Londen (UK)  
  • INTRODUCING - Closed Art Gallery, Antwerpen  
  • MAIL ART - Hang'Art Gallery, Grenoble (FR)


  • IN STORE - Galerie Judy Straten, Horst (NL)  
  • NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’T - Terrace Gallery, Londen (UK)  
  • ICONEN & IDOLEN - De Gaanderij, Aalst  
  • CHEAP CHI POTATL - Bleek kunstencentrum, Sint-Niklaas


  • COLLECTED (solo) - Kasteel Robiano, Tevuren (2012)  
  • UTOPIA (2011), TEGELIJK (2010), LITTEKENS (2009) - De Gaanderij, Aalst  
  • BINNEN/BUITEN - CC De Werf, Aalst (2008)

The Tap


The road (to somewhere)





The Border

In Transit

The Apple & The Sock

The Grid

Slippers on Canvas

Hang Wire

The Window

Old News




The Duck

Hang Up

The Connection