Thijs Van der Linden

Thijs Van der Linden is an artist stemming from a fascination with landscapes and trees, the history and texture which captures the imagination. That particular fascination translates to furniture designs, interior projects, drawings, prints, installations and monumental work. All these designs originate from a desire to conserve and confront. Conserving familiar natural elements and confronting organic structures with geometrical lines and marked colourful surfaces.

Thijs Van der Linden considers each tree an individual with its own identity and history, which the artist-archivist attempts to grasp. For example by making a print or negative. The unique DNA of each sort of tree requires a different approach. Resulting in new shapes and materials and reminding us of a world constantly changing. Each design is an ode to craftsmanship, with an eye for detail and an informed choice of materials. Ranging from wood – a warm and living matter that is hard to constrain – to versatile artificial materials. These are unique designs colouring an interior. Creations reflecting encounter and memory.

Thijs Van der Linden was born in Aalst ( Belgium in 1983. He lives and works in Zottegem ( BE). He studied at SInt-Lucas Ghent. ( BE )

Arbre manipulé

Conservateur des arbres Belges - Drapeaux


L'origine du monde

Arbre manipulé



Conservateur des arbres Belges

Performance - observatoire des arbres Belges

Observatoire des arbres

Arbre de la réunion