Follow your own path

Don't be someone else's puppet, contrary to the way many people behave we don't have to do what other people tell us to do. Despite all the external influences the ultimate choice is our own.
Don't ignore your true desires. It takes courage to find your own values and follow your own path. Figure out what makes you tick and pursue it, because it's your passion.
If you truly want to live and not merely exist you have to leave your comfort zone. Make choices and take risks.
It's your live to life and your live to enjoy, no one else's. Nobody on earth walks the exact path as you, and this is precisely what makes us remarkable and fun. Stay true to yourself, follow your instinct, listen to your heart every step of the way.
We are all one-of-a-kind. Embrace it.

formaat: 60x60 / 80x80 / 110x110
jaartal: 2016

digitale beeldvorming

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