Throughout her whole oeuvre, Belgian textile artist Min Spillemaeckers is fascinated by the way we currently engage with our planet. Her works create interesting dialogues between natural objects and manmade ones, questioning the hierarchy between both.


Baobab is a series of three sculptural vessels combining the peculiar textured forms of green fruit with other organic materials, such as bull rush, self-stripped willow bark, self-harvested Esparto grass from Valencia, and leather. The objects in the series are all made using twining, weaving, plaiting, coiling and looping techniques, and show the artist’s high level craftsmanship and lifelong experience. 


Interested in the unique and perfect forms found in nature, Spillemaeckers regularly uses natural objets trouvés in her work. By doing so, she aims to incorporate their earthy atmospheres, but also to put them on the same plane as art. In this way, she critiques the consumption society and our ongoing desire for new objects. 


Not only by concept, but also the aesthetics and originality of the Baobab series appeals to the viewer. This because of their surrealist inventiveness and extreme tactility. Their green structured skin and raw braided accessories make them semi-perishable snapshots of the beauty of raw nature. A visual manifesto.


jaartal: 2014

monumentale kunst, textiel

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