The acrobat

Naivity expressed in a playfull body with a stretched smile.

This sculpture is part of the project "The Ceramics Theater", the part called "Strings".

"Strings" is strongly influenced by the past actors (naturally) but it depends on much more complicated and deeper characters both in technical approach and in conceptual meaning. The characters are getting closer to a human shape and reveal more symbolism. This part of theatre has more strongly linked to reality. It is an image of control, manipulation and sexuality. For this “play” we need no words or text to describe it – all can be read and understood from the representations of the characters. A strong symbol in these theatrical scenes are the strings that hold some of the puppets: control and manipulation. The appearance of masks and heads indicates confusion. Even if this part of the Theatre has a deceptively gentile and sensitive appearance, it also shows the roughness of femininity and a slight confusion of sexuality. It is a world of obscure lies. The characters are hiding behind their masks while uninhibitedly playing (with) emotions. The dark environment of the scene …. we keep our eyes half-closed and react in denial of what we dislike and/or don't understand. The theatre performance is accompanied by a self-made composition of sounds, noises, music. It stresses and strenghtens the emotions in contact with the characters and creates an intimate relation with the onlooker. 

jaartal: 2014

beeldhouwkunst, keramiek

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The acrobat

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