Greetings from Rio

'Greetings from Rio' is a series of collages on wood. I started from a photo which

I made when I passed by the bay of Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro. When I was at the beach, I saw an impressive skyline with a view to Corcovado with the Christ's statue to my back and the Pão de Açucar (Sugar Loaf) in front of me. It looks like an idyllic postcard. But appearances are deceptive. The bay smells actually awful, sewage comes directly in the bay, and plastic bags and bottles are floating around. There were people living on the beach. They built a raft to fish in the polluted water. Rio’s water problem is a topical matter. The Olympic Games are taking place next year and the water pollution is one of the biggest concerns of the organisation. The city and the Olympic Committee promised the World Health Organization to invest in water purification. But what about the people who find themselves dependent on that water, the children who play in the polluted bay, and all the others who can only enjoy the place by looking at it?

formaat: Greetings from Rio - 4 Wooden triptych, collage and ink drawing on wood - 36-61 cm + 66-61 cm + 36-61 cm
jaartal: 2015

collage, tekenkunst

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