Hinter die Kulissen

A serie of collages on wood that tells the story of my grandfather in Germany during WW2. Between 1942 and 1944 he was, just like so many other Flemish men, employed in Germany. My grandfather had “the fortune” to spend his time working for the German filmstudio UFA in Babelsberg, Berlin. There he painted film sets for German movies. Recently, I discoverd that the African mask hanging in my room, was a property used in the film ‘Quax in Afrika’. My grandmother showed me photos from the time he worked for the filmstudio. Those pictures revealed an unknown image. A smiling grandfather working in the presence of German actors like Heinz Rühmann and Hertha Feiler. Immediately it raised questions. The photos show innocent, romantic landscapes in Germany. During the war the most horrible things happened and at the same time somewhere people were creating entertainment. The works, collages of photos and ink drawings on wood, give a view behind the screen. They form the mise en scene where fiction and reality are intertwined.

formaat: 100 op 70cm
jaartal: 2017

collage, tekenkunst

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