the Trick inside

the Trick inside speaks about human emotions. At the time I created this work, I had a difficult time personally. I learned to coop with my emotions by unravelling them in “the” 4 basic emotions, in Dutch they are called the 4 B’s; Bang (Scared), Boos (Angry), Blij (Happy), Bedroefd (Sad). According to this theory all emotions are a combination of these 4. 

I think it the world would be a nicer place if all people were bit more in control of themselves - less of this primitive acting out of emotion - by understanding how your emotions are built up.
The viewer is invited to go inside this human body, with on top a light/dark projection of 4 women; each showing one emotion. 

It is the trick inside you.

formaat: 1.7 x 1 x 2 m
jaartal: 2015


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the Trick inside