Let's draw a story together! We are launching Discover monthly: every month we will collect your black-and-white line drawings based on a theme. Our fantastic colleague Sahar will bring all those drawings together in a short video. Want your work to be part of it?

Every October during A paper / a day, we get excited by your drawing enthusiasm. That's when the drawing action floods on Instagram and beyond. But what about all those other 11 months? Time for some extra drawing challenge in the remaining months, we thought. So we are launching 'Discover monthly': a monthly call to send us your drawings around a certain theme.
Want to add your drawing? Taking part is easy. Make a simple line drawing around the theme of 'spring' and deliver it to Sahar before 6 March. Then wait anxiously for the video, which will be distributed at the end of March.

Some important guidelines!

  • Keep it simple. Go for simple shapes or lines, avoid too much detail.
  • Choose black or dark lines on a white background.
  • Send us a sharp image in .png or .jpg (in sufficiently high resolution).
  • Make sure your image is not too dark.