© Laura Gieseke
01.07.2021 - 02.09.2021

Water flows through our days. We drink it, move in it, it is central to rituals around the world. Does it remind you of a peaceful mountain lake to relax at? Or do you see water as a threat that breaks dikes or can lead to conflict? In a special online expo, you'll discover how collage artists allowed those questions to infuse into their work.

With work of

Dominique Barberis, Hanne Beullens, Brunhilde Borms, Ronny Broeckx, Tine Brouw, Angeline Catteeuw, Annabelle Cock, Babette Cooijmans, Robert Daneels, Isabelle Dierckx, Natacha Dimovska, Karo De Nijs, Pauline De Sy, Lieven Eeckhout, Soetkin Everaert, Marleen Foblets, Gerdi Fonk, Jeroen Goubert, Youssef Hajam, Viviane Herremans, Evelien Hiele, Sander Jacobs, Deniz Kazma, Sarah Lauwers, Bart Luijten, Tristan Maes, Carla Meertens, Edith Meijering, Mireille Michiels, Mats Minnaert, Elly Moors, Evi Ostyn, Greta Rochtus, Amy Ros, Edwig Schuddinck, Marie-Adelyne Seillier, Karina Segers, Heleen Sieborgs, Gianni Skoric, Rudi Snauwaert, Alexia Struye, Inge Trienekens, Eva Urkens, Suzanne Van Brussel, Jean Pierre Vancayseele, Maïté Van Keirsbilck, Régine Van den Broucke, Bjorn Vandenbussche, Astrid Vandendael, Jelle Van Den Heede, Jeroen Van der Fraenen, Celine Vandeweghe, Hans Vandeweghe, Hilde Vanhees, Nicolas Van Parys, Karin Verhelst, Nathan Vervoort

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WHERE? Cera-gebouw Leuven, Muntstraat 1
WHEN? The exhibition was on view from the 1st of July until 2nd of September 2021

Since 1998, Cera has been purchasing works of art on the advice of experts in the field with the aim of supporting artists. This is how Cera acquired a fine ensemble of Belgian art over the years, in which you will find some 500 artworks by both young and more established artists. This is stored at M Leuven.

Ria Pacquée (°1954) is one of the artists represented in the Cera art collection. She created the video artwork "Dive into Mankind" in 2008 with support from Cera. Ria's oeuvre consists of photographs, videos and performances, through which she investigates how people relate to their own environment and through which she raises questions about identity and belonging. With "Dive into Mankind", she draws attention to man's unique and peculiar relationship to one of the four elements: water.