01.10.2019 - 31.10.2019

Drawing as much as possible for a month, that is the purpose of A paper / a day. Short scribbles, elaborate illustrations or impressions of your day: anything is possible, as long as it is drawn. The first edition immersed us in sketchbooks all over the country, 31 curators followed along with us. #apaperaday19 is hungry for more.


De curators

We very carefully chose these 31 curators - one for each drawing day in October, who share a great love for drawing.


Three portratis of passionate draftsmen

Draftsmen Alison Souffreau: "I find it very fascinating to look at the world in a different way. Or to make other people look at the world in a different way, by sharing your drawings."


In her work visual artist Jill Vandorpe combines drawings with a variaton of techniques and materials: "I use drawing to think about things, or just to make notes."


Frederick Feyfer fills entire travel diaries with his drawings: "You really have to get by depending on where you're sitting. But that's what makes it cool too, that kind of imperfection."

31 favourite drawings