01.10.2022 - 31.10.2022

A paper / a day is an online drawing challenge in October. Draw with us, starting from 1 October, and share your sketches on Instagram #apaperaday22.

How to join?

*Seven drawing coaches

A paper / a day wants to get everyone drawing. Complete beginners or experienced draughtsmen, on a small piece of paper or in a nice sketchbook. We encourage you to draw every day, to find a routine in drawing. For this fourth edition, we'll give you a hand. Because these seven drawing enthusiasts will help you with the challenge. They provide daily inspiration and encouragement on our Instagram page.
With short tutorials, odes to their drawing heroes or sneak peeks into their own practice, they challenge you to take up the drawing pencil some more, or completely different. And for the more competitive ones among us: these inspirers also choose their favourite drawings from all those posted, their choices will be published weekly on our social media.

Charlotte Dumortier

(°1988, Antwerp)

Most of all, Charlotte Dumortier loves to draw crazy figures with big heads - preferably in blue and orange-red. She is the co-organiser of the drawing festival Tekenpudding and is part of Aline, a new Dutch magazine on art and comics. At the moment, she is working with Big Picture Press on a cookbook for children.

Meet @charlotte.dumortier

© Jeroom Vanderbeke

Ivonné Gargano

(°1988, Caracas, Venezuela - Brussels)

When Ivonné Gargano draws, she does it as a way of representing the invisible. Her drawing practice does not fit within one technique or style, but she prefers to describe it as: "writing lines and sometimes drawing a few words". Besides teaching, she also set up the "Club de dessin": an online club dedicated to drawing outside of the artistic field.

Meet @ivonne_gargano

Jango Jim

(°1985, Merksem)

The colourful illustrations, animations and murals of Jango Jim try to make the world a bit more beautiful and cheerful. Cartoons from the early 20th century, psychedelic art and posters from the 60s and outsider art or underground comics from the 70s: they endlessly inspire Jango Jim. He is currently working on an American animated series, and his illustrations have been used by Vice, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Converse, Dr Martens and Apple.

Meet @jango_jim

Azam Masoumzadeh

(°1989, Brussels)

When she was sixteen, Azam Masoumzadeh was already drawing herself with a suitcase in her hand. Since then she has always been on the move. For instance, she draws the inspiration for #apaperaday22 from her native country Iran, otherwise she does it from her bathroom in Brussels. In her line drawings and comics she creates layered worlds of alternative realities. Last year, she published her book 'Glad that I came, not sorry to depart', which is based on the thousand-year-old poetry of Omar Khayyam. The story is featured with augmented reality, which makes it come to life auditorily and three-dimensionally.

Meet @zamzadeh

Gijs Vanhee

(°1982, Mechelen)

In the characteristic drawings of graphic artist Gijs Vanhee freebirds play the main role: human figures with a bird's head. These black and white characters have their own adventures throughout his (often autobiographical) work on paper, canvas and walls. They portray a search for freedom, which is a common thread throughout his work, and at the same time they represent the balance between nature and society.

Meet @gijsvanhee

Lukas Verstraete

(°1992, Ghent)

On the birth card of his son, illustrator, cartoonist and teacher Lukas Verstraete drew a small tombstone. According to him an ode to life, according to his neighbours inappropriate and simply sadistic. Besides providing drawings for Humo, De Standaard, Rekto: Verso, Le Monde Diplomatique and De Morgen, he published a big fat comic book 'Een Boek Waarme Men Vrienden Maakt' (A book to make friends with) in 2017. In real life, Lukas makes friends by waving from his studio window.

Meet @lukasverstraete

Celina Vleugels

(°1996, Antwerp)

Somewhere on the edge between painting and textile, Celina Vleugels creates her own creative world where no timeline exists. Layer upon layer she builds up an image where memory and imagination meet. Her sketches are formed through direct impulses from a feeling, thought or memory. These grow into intimate drawings and textile works that stimulate our senses. In contrast to the soft and tender material she works with, Celina rather tackles difficult and vulnerable themes in her work.

Meet @celinavleugels