Discover monthly is a monthly video experiment where we gather your black-and-white line drawings based on a theme into a short video. For Discover monthly #2, illustrators were inspired by the short story below. We will launch the video and the new theme at the end of April.

Drawings by Mireille Michiels, Linda van ydegem, Harry Pinxten, Daisy Telders, Christel Craeghs, Anrijs john, vincent spaas, Arjan Winkelaar, Daniel De maeyer, Ellen Claes, Linda Hooiveld, Belinda Salden, Josiane Coene, Martine Platteau, Sona Sahakian, Herman Vandelaer & Prama Nanda

The inspiration for Discover monthly #2

We found this story by László Krasznahorkai on the website of The New Yorker (translated in English by Ottilie Mulzet).

I Don’t Need Anything from Here

I would leave everything here: the valleys, the hills, the paths,
and the jaybirds from the gardens, I would leave here
the petcocks and the padres, heaven and earth, spring and fall,
I would leave here the exit routes, the evenings in the kitchen,
the last amorous gaze, and all of the city-bound directions that make you shudder,
I would leave here the thick twilight falling upon the land, gravity, hope, enchantment, and tranquillity,
I would leave here those beloved and those close to me,
everything that touched me, everything that shocked me, fascinated and uplifted me,
I would leave here the noble, the benevolent, the pleasant, and the demonically beautiful,
I would leave here the budding sprout, every birth and existence,
I would leave here incantation, enigma, distances, inexhaustibility,
and the intoxication of eternity;
for here I would leave this earth and these stars,
because I would take nothing with me from here,
because I’ve looked into what’s coming, and I don’t need anything from here.