June 2023

Discover monthly is a monthly video experiment where we gather your drawings based on a theme into a short video. For Discover monthly #4 we looked for drawings of people doing ordinary or non-ordinary things in the city. Discover the result down below.

For this edition of Discover monthly, we asked you for drawings of people busy with their routine lives in the city. People eating, talking, sitting, drinking, reading books or even climbing trees.

Big thanks to all participating artists: Christel Craeghs, Vladimir, Liesbeth Froyen, Tina Stynen, Claudine Segers, Delphine Demasiéres, Evert Vandeweghe, An Claes, Wim Vaes, Evelien Degeyter, Stien Van Kerckhoven, Inge De Zutter, Linda Hooiveld, Sterre Meijerink, Kim Casier and Robert Neyt.

The inspirational drawings for Discover monthly #4:

© Luk Tas
© Ward Desloovere
© Ingrid Godon - Dantesken
© Fabienne Verhulsel
© Camille de Cussac
© Kaatje Vermeire

Would you like to join with your drawing in Discover monthly?

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