October at Kunstwerkt is all about A paper / a day again. Drawing inspiration will be in the air for 31 days. But the new thing is: this year we are looking for inspiration from you! We are so curious to know which assignment, technique or material inspires you.

So how do you encourage other people to draw?

Share it with us using this form

Your assignment can be very short and simple, or just with a long step-by-step plan. It can be an idea for anyone who wants to hold a pencil, but you might as well share inspiration for advanced sketchers. And whether you choose pencil, ink or acrylic paint: it's all possible.

The first 100 illustrators to share useful assignments with us before 18 June will receive a free sketchbook in September. In October, we'll share an interesting mix of all the assignments we received, both on the website and on our Instagram page, to inspire artists throughout the month. If we include yours, we will obviously mention your name (or organisation) here.

Pssst... Browse through the previous editions on our Instagram page or inspiration page, you can already find a lot of drawing inspiration there. Only new assignments that have not yet been featured during a previous edition will receive a sketchbook.

Do you have any questions? Then be sure to contact zoe@kunstwerkt.be.