Do you, as an organizer, want to find the perfect artists for your next project? On Beeld we connect you with each other.

Most visual artists want to show their work. It makes it visible to a larger audience, expands their network and creates interaction and challenge. Sharing work online is considered a great opportinty, but live events also open doors.

Organizing an exhibition? Want to fill a temporary empty space with visual work? Looking for a suitable image for a poster? Or still looking for that one particular artist to add to your project?
Give an opportunity to a visual artist. And although it's easy to rely on familiar names, it's all the better to give unknown (to you), new artists a chance. Look for an artist in a targeted way or write a call that allows you to reach many artists. Whichever way you choose: the online platform Beeld is the right place to begin your search.

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We will gladly highlight your open call on Beeld. Having doubts about the right approach? You'll find a guide on how to create the perfect open call, with this guide full of handy tips and tricks. Hopefully it will put you on the right track to organise the perfect open call and getting the right match with an artist in your neighbourhood.

Curious about the visual artists for your next opportunity?
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