For this fourth edition of Painting Nights, we gathered in your own room.
On the 27th of March, we opened the doors of our online painting studio for the second time.
Mira Bryssinck performed her monologue 'Glory Box' live, sitting from behind her microphone, and stationed in Compagnie Cecilia's studio, responding to the participants' brushstrokes and pencil strokes.

As freedom was luring again in abundance, we saw our chance to once again open the doors of our online painting studio wide - curfew-friendly and mouth-mask-free. Mira Bryssinck performed her monologue "Glory Box" live, entering the living room through multiple individuel speakers. With the appropriate painting materials at hand and a good Internet connection, we provided a group of creatives with an inspiring theatrical experience and the appropriate coziness. Turning Mira Bryssinck's live narration into visual work became the challenge of the evening.

On 'Glory Box'

'Glory Box' is a monologue about (un)willful loneliness. A concierge of a building (Mira Bryssinck) encounters herself in the mirror palace of her thoughts and starts a playful conversation with the surrounding darkness. She blurs and gets lost, following her own echo and trying to organize what is important. For what is actually of substance to a human being?

For this 'Glory Box', Mira explored what loneliness does to a person, and what it means to feel trapped. What do we long for and what do we fear? Can fantasy be a comfort and how long can we endure loneliness? During the writing process, Mira arrived at a character struggling with these questions and looking for a way out of the situation in which she finds herself.

Listen to a small intro of Mira on her 'Glory Box' here.


Text and acting: Mira Bryssinck - Concept: Mira Bryssinck - Dramaturgy: Daan Borloo - Artistic assistant: Daan Borloo - Advice: Bart Meuleman - Movement coach: Arend Pinoy - Image: Yuri van der Hoeven - Light design: Tom Declercq - Technique: Tom Declercq - Production coordination: Sarah Vandenbussche
Special thanks to: Vooruit, Dounia Mahammed, Steve Salambier, Nathalie Aga, Gouvernement

Painting Nights #4 is a project of Kunstwerkt in collaboration with Compagnie Cecilia

© Sofie De Cleene
© Viviane Lootens
© Wim Van der Velden
© Sarah Strosse
© Luc Verschuere