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For this third edition of Painting Nights, we did not move to an open space or an inspiring location, but looked for inspiration in the listening story 'Leviatha' by LOD muziektheater from our own individual living rooms. Some 80 participants painted to the tones of master storyteller Josse De Pauw, jazz pianist Kris Defoort and briteur Céline Bernard.

We'll be operating from our living rooms, the quarantine cells par excellence, for a while longer. And what can interrupt online meetings, sports or aperitifs? Exactly: painting online! To embrace the tightened measures for a while longer, Kunstwerkt is organizing the first online edition of Painting Nights in collaboration with LOD muziektheater and Klara.

For this alternative third edition, you don't have to leave the door. Take your own painting materials in hand, step into our online group studio, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in the audio play 'Leviathan', masterfully narrated by Josse De Pauw, with music by Kris Defoort and Céline Bernard. In this radio play we wander through the 16th-century fishing village of Noordwijk aan Zee, where a whale turns out to have washed ashore in the midst of stormy weather: Leviathan. We listen together to the surprisingly topical story and paint our impressions as we listen. If you want, after the listening performance, you can exchange thoughts with the other painters about the story and the works created that evening. In this way we try to seek connection through our brushes.

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Painting Nights #3 is a project of Kunstwerkt in collaboration with LOD muziektheater

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