Expo coming up? Get your exhibition insured at an advantageous rate. You can do this as an individual artist, but also as a group. And maybe you can ensure the transport of your works too?

How do you proceed?

  • Fill in the form.
  • Send it back to us carefully filled in, at least 3 working days before the start of the insurance period. This gives us enough time to pass on the information to the insurance company.
  • Insurance is taken out on payment of a premium, which is determined for each exhibition individually. The premium takes into account the value and nature of the insured objects, transport and the duration of the exhibition. The minimum premium is EUR 60, including taxes and contributions.
  • Depending on the insurance value, the nature of the works, the duration of the exhibition and whether or not transport should be included, the amount may be higher.

You can have an approximate premium calculated in advance. To do so, send all the details needed for the calculation to Kunstwerkt. This way you will not be confronted with any surprises.

  • As soon as we receive the statement from the insurance company we will send you an expense account so that you can pay the premium to Kunstwerkt.

  • In case of damage, you will inform Kunstwerkt immediately. Send us a description of the damage and the accident, photos of the damage and an estimate of the (repair) costs or a statement that the work is not repairable. The insurance will also intervene in the case of limited damage (small amounts).

Additional provisions

  • You can choose to co-insure the transport of your works. The insurance then commences the moment the works leave the premises of the place of departure and are transported to the place of the exhibition or fair. The insurance continues uninterrupted until the works of art return to their original premises.

  • The insurance does not apply to open-air objects and only applies to inland exhibitions. The total insured value of the insured objects per exhibition may not exceed EUR 740,000.

  • The "All Risks - Exhibition" insurance policy covers risks of total or partial destruction and any accidental damage to the insured objects.

  • The insurance applies only to damage or loss caused by thefts committed by breaking and entering, violence or threats. Lost objects or disappearances are not covered.

Need more information?

Call 09/235.22.70 or mail info@kunstwerkt.be